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The Octopus 600 performs standard white-on-white threshold testing in just 2–4 minutes in the central visual field. With its comprehensive test library for central tests including G, 32, 30-2, 24-2, M, and 10-2 and its flexible printouts both in Octopus and HFA-format it covers your essential clinical needs


  • Complete central tests: G-patters, 32,30-2, 24-2, M-pattern & 10-10
  • Standard Octopus representations: standard 7-in-1 printout, customizable 4-in-1, HFA-alike, etc.
  • Pulsar test for early glaucoma detection
  • 1-minute screening
  • Fixation control: for intuitive structural comparison
  • Extended EyeSuite capabilities:
    • Progression analysis
    • Immediate identification of true change
    • Polar Analysis/Trend
    • Cluster Analysis/Trend: sensitive glaucoma analysis