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In replacement of the Kay Picture Crowded Logmar book set.

The Kay Picture Test Linear Crowded Book with distance LogMAR sizing at three metres from 0.70 to -0.20. It also includes a near testing and matching card. The pictures are presented in a row of five boxes to provide consistent crowding. There are four different arrangements of the picture optotypes at each acuity size. The test is suitable for naming and matching from an age of 30 months and to allow for the extra concentration needed with the linear presentation.

The Kay Picture Test Linear Crowded Book is packaged in a frosted PVC wallet with flap closure for safe storage in between uses.

Our fully researched picture optotypes provide a reliable visual acuity measurement comparable with ETDRS. Read a summary of the research here and visit BIOJ for the published research behind the redevelopment of our optotypes.


Weight: 0.82kg - Dimensions: 40cm x 26cm