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Automated Gonioscopy  with 360° color imaging

  • Innovative “Stitching”: composition of linear and circular images of iridocorneal angle structures when the entire 360 degrees are captured
  • Intelligent Angle Detection : Automated Angle Detection provides guidance for capturing the iridocorneal angle
  • Unique multimirror prism: a unique one-of-a-kind multimirror prism lens designed specifically for this system. 16 surfaces capture 360° in a single measurement sequence
  • Focus depth: Each area is automatically captured in 17 different foci, enabling versatile approaches to the angle.
  • Gel immersion technology: the system uses gel coupling to ensure patient comfort. The multimirror prism lens is not intended to touch the cornea.


  • Innovative “Stitching”
  • Intelligent Angle Detection
  • Unique multimirror prism
  • Focus depth
  • Gel immersion technology