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Iris fixated IOL designed for a spherical and cylindrical correction of myopic and hyperopic eyes.

The asymmetric optic of ARTISAN Toric has two components: sphere and cylinder. All (spherical) ARTISAN lenses for myopia and hyperopia can be supplied with cylinders between 1.0 and 7.5 diopters. It is also possible to produce optics with only a cylindric correction.

  • No rotation postop
  • Reversible treatment
  • Optimal clearance from vital tissues
  • Predictable, reliable, stable, versatile
  • Long term safety


  • Material: PMMA CQ-UV
  • Overall Ø: 8.5 mm
  • Body Ø: 5.0 mm | Concave-convex
  • Dioptric Powers: The Artisan Toric PIOL can correct astigmatism from 1.0 to 7.5 diopters