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Precizon Presbyopic is a hybrid, acrylic IOL with a CTF (Continuous Transitional Focus) optic designed for the correction of presbyopia. 

What makes this lens unique? CTF (Continuous Transitional Focus) optic

A CTF optic is an optic with an anterior surface with multiple segments for far and near. A smooth transition from far to near is achieved between the segments. This transition offers a constant defocus between the two sharp focal points, delivering excellent intermediate vision.

  • Model: 570 A1 Precizon Presbyopic NVA  |  One piece IOL 
  • Optic type: Aberration Negative (- 0.11 μm), Continuous Transition Focus (CTF) optic 
  • Central far zone size Y/X: 1.4 / 2.6 mm 
  • First near segment direction (in / out): outwards 
  • Rotated segments width: 0.60 mm 
  • Number of segments rings: 3 n 
  • UV cut off: <10% @360 nm  
  • Refractive Index: 1.46 
  • Abbe number: 47  
  • Optic Powers: +1.0 D to + 35.0 D (0.5 D increments) - Power add +2.75 D. 
  • Haptic configuration: Open modified C-loops with offset shaped haptics 
  • Lens Material: Hybrid hydrophobic & hydrophilic monomers. Ultraviolet filtering HEMA/EOEMA Copolymer  
  • Lens colour: Clear
  • Body Ø: 6.0 mm 
  • Overall Ø: 12.5 mm 
  • Haptic Angle: 0° 
  • Centre thickness range: 0.8 to 1,3 mm 
  • Body edge thickness: 0.4 mm


  • A-constant ultrasound: 118.0
  • A-constant optical: 118.6 (SRK T), 118.7 (SRK II), 0.567 (Haigis aO), 0.123 (Haigis a1), 0.159 (Haigis a2), 5.27 (Hoffer-Q pACD), 1.53 (Holladay 1 sf), (Barrett suite LF), 0 (Barrett suite DF)