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Experience the excellence with the RT-5100 . Do you know what “RT” stands for? Originally meaning “Intelligent refractor”, it also stands for “Reliability and Technology.” A long-time seller, the RT-5100 incorporates our continuous quality improvement.

  • Ergonomic design : The RT-5100 fulfills the operators’ two dreams: Sophisticated design and comfortable examination. Its stylish design perfectly fits in a small space, providing a quick and accurate exam for both operators and patients.
  • Smooth, Speedy, Silent Lens Change: The RT-5100 offers quick and smooth lens changes, allowing the operator to show minute changes of prescription at the touch of a button
  • Easy Programming and On-screen Assist Function: The RT-5100 offers easy programming of charts, cross cylinder test, and data fields (SPH, CYL, AXIS, and VA).  In addition, On-screen assist function guides the operator step-by-step through the entire process.
  • Clear Vision Range Check: Clear Vision Range Check supports a comprehensive explanation to patients. Based on measured values, it gives the patient a visual aid in a graphical form to demonstrate the range of clear vision with their correction in place.
  • Night Mode: Some patients have significantly different SPH, CYL, AXIS values between their day and night pupils. By touching the night mode button on screen, it is possible to examine night-time visual acuity under low light condition.
  • Optional 21-point Exams Plus Package