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The Octopus 900 offers a wide range of static test patterns, including 32, 30-2, 24-2, and 10-2. In addition, there are two unique physiology-based patterns: the G-Program (a 30-degree feld for glaucoma assessment) and the M-Program (a 10-degree feld for analysing the macula).

The Octopus 900, with its 90-degree radius Goldmann bowl permitting 180-degree full feld testing, allows additional testing in the periphery for any kind of driving and disability examination. Common tests like monocular and binocular  Estermann tests as well as a ptosis test are already built into the device for ease of use.

Contenu: 1 pièce par emballage


  • Comprehensive test library:
    • Kinetic tests (Binocular Estermann test - chauffeur)
    • White-on-White, Blue-Yellow, Flick-R and custom tests
    • Neurological and a peripheral glaucoma patterns
    • Top, Dynamic and Normal strategies
  • Standard Octopus representations: standard 7-in-1 printout, customizable 4-in-1, HFA-alike, etc.
  • Fixation control: for intuitive structural comparison)
  • Extended EyeSuite capabilities:
    • Progression analysis: immediate identification of true change)
    • Polar Analysis/Trend)
    • Cluster Analysis/Trend: sensitive glaucoma analysis)