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The new Faros by Oertli is the compact platform for superior tasks for cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery.

The platform for all cases: Cataract, Glaucoma & VR

The new Faros by Oertli is a compact platform for cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery. As a versatile and user-specific OR device.

The device boasts great perfection, versatility and innovative technology, as well as high user-comfort. Its exceptional functionality is found in a compact design

Precise flow control: Peristaltic & SPEEPMode

The perfect flow control of the peristaltic principle enables the finest degree of control and absolute precision. The outstanding high-performance capacity of the pump pro-vides for speed and suction power if required – by using easyPhaco in the anterior segment and by means of the Caliburn trocar system and the Continuous Flow Cutter in the posterior segment.

The unique SPEEPMode is based on a peristaltic pump system, but the roll can be turned in both directions. Both the flow (up to 50 ml/min) and the vacuum (up to 600 mmHg) can be precisely dosed by means of the SPEEPMode.

Powerful Dual-linear pedal

The pedal absorbs all movements of your foot in a fatigue-free manner and boasts unsurpassed precision even with difficult manoeuvres. Moreover, it is a reliable control centre with an impressive range of functionality. You can easily define the commands of the pedal yourself – for example switching between programmes, modulation of ultrasound power output, activation of override or altering the height of the bottle.

GoodLight LED technology

Good vision for the surgeon is essential in vitreoretinal surgery. At the same time, the eye should be strained as little as possible. Oertli relies on the LED technology that boast an optimum mixture of visualization, contrast seeing and safety.



  • easyPhaco Technology | Followability, Chamber Stability & Holdability
  • Irrigation / Aspiration | Absolutely stable anterior chamber
  • Diathermy | Sensible alternative to capsulorhexis and forceps
  • Anterior vitrectomy | Up to 10.000 cuts / min.
  • Vitrectomy

  • Access
  • Intra-ocular illumination
  • Vitreous body removal
  • Injection/extraction